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Une extraordinaire aventure...

How do we deal with feelings of humiliation when they become overwhelming? How can we prevent humiliated people taking revenge on defenceless victims? Joint authors Gilbert Holleufer and Philippe Cotter provide new insights into these pressing issues, in a world thrown off balance by the demise of the great ideological blocs and by the 9/11 attacks. In the first part of the book Gilbert Holleufer compares and contrasts the witness accounts of those who experienced the terrible conflicts of the late 20th century (Afghanistan, Israel/Palestine, Bosnia) with the aim of putting forward strategies to tackle collective forms of humiliation. In the second part Philippe Cotter analyses the modern forms of humiliation as well as the ensuing explosions of violence.

De Gauche à droite: Estelle Gitta, Gilbert Holleufer, Philippe Cotter, Rosemarie Matzinger

10 octobre 2008: lancement de Marottes de sorcières, Barbara Rytz

Salon du livre, Paris 09:
ECLECTICA au stand des éditeurs suisses

Estelle Gitta, éditrice. Philipe Cotter, auteur de Nazisme, terrorisme et tueurs en série, dédicace La vengeance des humiliés.

Barbara RYTZ en dédicace à FNAC Rive, Genève 29.10.09 - spécial Halloween Marottes de sorcières

Salon de Paris 2010